Camelot Castle Farworld

1 min readOct 18, 2022

The Battlegrounds are now open for chosen Outlanders!

The Battlegrounds are now open for chosen Outlanders! Many have already made their way there and are testing their skills.

If you’re yet to make it, check the email you used for registration to get beta tester access. Join your fellow warriors today.

Camelot Castle, Farworld

Dear Outlander,

We thank you for accepting the King’s request. Our ranks are now swelling with handpicked warriors like you. The enemy is already shaking in his boots!

The Wilderness Begins battlegrounds are ready for you to test your strengths and improve your skills before we head out to wage war. The King should have already sent you the magic link and the secret passcode.

King Arthur and his generals would love to hear what you think about the battleground tests. Are you enjoying the experience? Is it too easy? Or too hard? Would you like it better if anything was different?

Let us know by writing your reply to Telegram chat and or by email. We want our Outlanders to feel welcome and feel at home. As the wise old wizards used to say, “happy knight, happy fight”.

May you be our last stand





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