Enhancing the Outlanders Experience with New Content

2 min readDec 29, 2022


New maps, modes, characters, and weapons added

Get ready to experience the excitement of Outlanders, a groundbreaking MMORPG set to launch on the innovative Polygon blockchain. In Outlanders, you’ll explore a vast virtual world and earn rewards through your adventures. This unique game is the first to integrate the move-to-earn model into its virtual economy — along with a smooth onboarding experience for all Web2 gamers.

While waiting for our game’s release, we’ve been hard at work adding new content for players to enjoy. That means more areas to explore, more quests to complete, and more opportunities to earn rewards. The delay may have been frustrating, but it has allowed us to improve the game.

We’ve spent this extra time fine-tuning important in-game elements to provide our players with the best gaming experience. And we’re excited to announce that we’ve developed a brand-new Survival Mode, which will be available at launch alongside the full game. This will add an extra layer of excitement and challenge to your gaming experience.

Put your skills to the ultimate test in a battle for survival against hordes of mythical enemies. See how long you can last as you fend off wave after wave of foes. Compete for $LAND rewards and fight for a spot on the leaderboard, with the top players sharing in the spoils.

Outlanders has been in development for three years for a good reason. It’s an enormous, immersive virtual world built to be explored and inhabited by a thriving community of Web3 gamers. Each player will be able to create their character and story as they journey through this vast landscape. The wait may have been long, but it allowed our team to work on new content and features to improve the game. Trust us; it will be worth the wait.

Outlanders Sprint Objectives


- Implement content for Survival and MMORPG Modes.

Game Design

- Design characters and weapons.

Game Development

- Implement the Survival Mode.