New Upgrades Coming to Outlanders as Release Date Approaches

2 min readFeb 16, 2023

More new features implemented this week!

Outlanders is an immersive Open-World blockchain-based MMORPG featuring an exciting gameplay experience and lucrative gaming rewards. The game is poised to revolutionize the world of Web3 gaming with its novel move-to-earn element that rewards players for exploring the territory.

The Outlanders team has carefully designed the onboarding process, removing the entry barriers affecting most play-to-earn games and making it seamless for crypto-native and non-crypto-native gamers. Gamers can get started immediately on Outlanders regardless of whether they have a Web3 wallet.

Our expansive virtual world, Farworld, is designed to host a large number of gamers who will all forge their own identity and story within the same ecosystem. The Outlanders team has worked tirelessly for the past three years to make this vision a reality. We are now close to the full release of the MMORPG.

We have been consistently improving several game features to create a more immersive gaming experience for players. This week, our design team will focus on enhancing the game’s graphics and details with various characters and weapons for players to choose from. We will be designing more in-game weapons — including axes, maces, swords, and bows that players can select based on their preferences. Gamers will also be able to choose their game characters from a wide range of races, giving them the freedom to create their identities and further diversify the gameplay.

Additionally, the development of the game’s Survival Mode, which will launch alongside the full MMORPG, is progressing rapidly. This week our team will implement content for this action-packed mode, designed for players who love the thrill of high-level combat. The Survival Mode tests the endurance and combat prowess of gamers who strive to stay alive as long as possible as they fight against monsters and mythical beasts using the best items collected while exploring the landscape.

We are getting closer to the full release of our immersive MMORPG, and we want to ensure that the game exceeds players’ expectations. We are convinced that Outlanders will provide a delightful play-to-earn gaming experience for all.

Outlanders Sprint Objectives


- Implement content for Survival and MMORPG Modes.

Game Design

- Design characters and weapons.

Game Dev

- Implement the Survival Mode.




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