Outlanders Adds New Starting Characters and Weapons

2 min readDec 14, 2022

The team continues to build in anticipation of full game release

Outlanders is an immersive MMORPG slated to debut on the Polygon blockchain as soon as market conditions become favorable. Outlanders is a Web3 pioneer in several ways, most notably rewarding the exploration of our expansive virtual world through the integration of move-to-earn rewards.

Our team has decided to capitalize on the waiting period by introducing new content to our MMORPG. Players will have more areas to explore, quests, and avenues to earn rewards once the game is released. On top of this, the Outlanders team is designing and implementing new starting characters and weapons for a richer and more comprehensive gaming experience.

Ironically, the delay has benefitted game quality immensely, allowing more time for our team to fine-tune important in-game elements. The most crucial feature developed during this period is a Survival Mode that will launch alongside the full game.

In Survival Mode, players will test their metal as they fend off wave after wave of mythical foes to stay alive as long as possible. Use your best weapons, armor, and items to test the limits of your combat prowess. Battle waves of enemies in a trial of endurance, proving your skill, and topping the leaderboards.

There is a reason Outlanders has taken three years to develop. It is an enormous virtual landscape designed to host an enthusiastic community of Web3 gamers, all forging their identity in a quest for fun, companionship, and great rewards. We look forward to showing the world what the next generation of games looks like.

Outlanders Sprint objectives


- Implement content for Survival Mode and MMORPG.

Game Design

- Design characters and weapons.

Game Dev

- Implement the Survival Mode.




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