Outlanders Announces Internal Beta Testing

2 min readJun 22, 2022


Pioneering blockchain-based MMORPG reaches major milestone

Outlanders is excited to announce the internal beta testing of its hotly-anticipated blockchain-based MMORPG. This week, the Outlanders team begins testing the game’s beta version in a closed environment. In the following week, Outlanders will open the beta version to early-stage investors and supporters shortly before the public beta release.

The latest development marks a significant milestone on the Outlanders roadmap, bringing the project a giant step closer to the mission to disrupt the GameFi space. Outlanders features an intuitive onboard experience ideal for users with all levels of crypto and blockchain experience. The team has massively improved the gaming environment, introducing several features ahead of the public beta release.

For instance, Outlanders is introducing customizable player characters. Thanks to an extensive suite of character-building tools, players can create customized characters with an array of in-game assets such as clothes, shields, helmets, swords, and equipment.

The second phase of Outlanders development will introduce NFT characters, enabling players to list and sell their customized characters in the Outlanders marketplace. This feature unlocks the ability to acquire fully-equipped characters in the marketplace and maximize in-game experiences and earnings. The Outlanders team has also integrated the game’s first territorial map, defining regions where players can compete with other players for dominance.

We excitedly look forward to the phased public rollout of Outlanders over the coming weeks. The journey to onboarding millions to the blockchain gaming scene is just getting started, and Outlanders is poised to play a huge part!