Outlanders Announces Landmark Partnership with Chateau Crypto

Elite European VC firm to back mainstream-ready MMORPG game

Outlanders is stoked to announce a new partnership with Chateau Crypto, a leading European-based venture capital firm. Chateau Crypto will provide funding for Outlanders development and also support the game’s development through its highly-coveted incubation program.

Outlanders is one of the first blockchain-based massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) designed for both crypto-native and non-native crypto gamers. Outlanders utilize a novel “earn-now collect-later’’ model to allow anyone to start playing the game without a Web3 wallet. This approach lowers the entry barrier for millions of gamers by ensuring that they can get started on Outlanders without any initial investment.

Chateau Crypto recognizes Outlanders’ unique value proposition in an industry saturated with thousands of games. Hence, Chateau Crypto will deploy resources to ensure that Outlanders reaches its full potential and becomes a popular gaming venture both within crypto and the traditional gaming industry. Chateau Crypto will tap into its vast network of developers, crypto media connections, influencers, and entrepreneurs to support Outlanders’ rapid rise.

Outlanders is pleased to welcome Chateau Crypto as its second high-profile backer in what has been an exciting week. The journey to onboard millions of gamers to Web3 is one we’re extremely excited about, and we’re pleased to have a reputable backer like Chateau Crypto supporting this mission.



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