Outlanders Backed by Seasoned Community-Led VC BlackDragon

Blockchain-based MMORPG receives funding and incubation support

Outlanders is the first blockchain-based massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) featuring a seamless onboarding experience for non-crypto gamers as well as lucrative move-to-earn rewards. Today, we are pleased to announce a new investment and strategic partnership from industry-leading VC platform BlackDragon.

Launched in 2017, BlackDragon is a community-led fund investing in cutting-edge and innovative blockchain solutions. The BlackDragon community has backed multi-billion dollar DeFi and Web3 projects including Chainlink, Nexo, Near Protocol, and DAO Maker. BlackDragon’s highly successful investment record is testament to a world-class research team and access to a vast network in the cryptocurrency industry.

BlackDragon is investing in Outlanders as part of an ongoing expansion of its GameFi portfolio. In an industry saturated with many blockchain and play-to-earn gaming projects, BlackDragon identifies Outlanders’ potential to evolve into a market-leader. Outlanders’ experienced team, its focus on onboarding non-crypto native gamers, and the integration of move-to-earn dynamics especially appeals to BlackDragon.

The new partnership will see BlackDragon provide long-term backing and incubation support for Outlanders. BlackDragon will tap into its vast network of partners and marketing resources to promote the Outlanders MMORPG and help onboard many gamers into the ecosystem. Partnering with BlackDragon also provides Outlanders access to other leading gaming and DeFi projects across the industry.

Outlanders is excited to welcome an exemplary and reputable community like BlackDragon’s. We look forward to exploring the several opportunities unlocked by this partnership to reach and build strong audiences around our immersive gaming environment.



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