Outlanders Introduces Survival Mode This Week

2 min readOct 5, 2022

New mode with other improvements ahead of full release

Outlanders is a triple-A blockchain MMORPG featuring a smooth onboarding experience for both crypto-native and non-crypto-native gamers. It is the first of its kind to integrate move-to-earn rewards, allowing users to earn tokens while exercising and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Perhaps the most exciting development this week is the inclusion of a survival mode in our game. Players use the best weapons, armor, and items they have accumulated to test their combat prowess in a survival version of the game. Players will battle waves of enemies in a test of endurance in order to top the leaderboards. This mode will be available when the game is released.

The game is set to be released in the coming weeks and we have made the best of this time by fine-tuning important features of the game. The game has been under development for three years and we are so close to our end goal now.

This week, we will be putting the finishing touches on the game in preparation for the launch. Our player guide will be supplemented with feedback from open Beta testers as well as some important tips that will help players with gameplay and profitability.

Also, our design team will put on essential in-game features and items, enhancing the graphics and details of the game. Towns, characters, and weapons will be enhanced graphically in order to create a more immersive experience for the gamer.

We believe Outlanders has the quality to change the landscape of blockchain MMORPGs. The team will spread this message in order to build our community, creating a rich ecosystem for players.

We will do this by running a series of Facebook advertisements in regions where play-to-earn is most popular. We appreciate our community's patience while waiting for the full release and we can assure you that your patience will pay off.

Outlanders Sprint Objectives


- Update content of the player guide.


- Support API.

Game Design

- Design assets — town, characters, weapons.

Game Dev

- Implement Survival version.

Online Marketing Objectives

- Facebook — research and planning.




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