Outlanders Kitted with Fresh Starting Characters This Week

2 min readJan 19, 2023

New options diversify choices for Web3 Gamers

What a week it has been for the Outlanders team! Our Web3 MMORPG took a massive stride forward this week, announcing an exclusive private token sale in collaboration with our close partner, Nakamoto Games.

This week, however, the Outlanders team is focusing primarily on designing and implementing new starting characters and weapons for a richer and more comprehensive gaming experience. To diversify gameplay and player choice, the team has been introducing several new races for players to select when starting a new game.

Each race will have distinct advantages in skills like strength, stealth, and magic depending on the attributes and lore of the chosen character. Additionally, there will be different weapons depending on your choice, for example, axes, swords, maces, and bows.

The aim is to select a character and weapon that fits the style and skill set of the player. Expanding starting characters and weapons will help create unique gaming experiences for everyone who joins the Outlanders’world, allowing each player to forge their path and identity within the vast virtual expanse.

Outlanders is a vast open-world experience built with the Unity Gaming Engine and powered by BNB Chain. Apart from slick graphics and groundbreaking gameplay, it is a unique MMORPG in GameFi due to its smooth onboarding experience and well-integrated move-to-earn reward system.

The software upgrade coupled with the $LAND private presale announcement has made this one of the biggest weeks in the three-year history of Outlanders. We look forward to the debut of our game and can’t wait to showcase what’s possible when the worlds of cutting-edge blockchain and gaming technology collide.

Outlanders Sprint Objectives


- Implement content for Survival Mode and MMORPG Mode.

Game Design

- Design characters and weapons.

Game Dev

- Implement the Survival Mode.




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