Outlanders Launches Marketplace to Drive In-game Economy

2 min readAug 18, 2022


Blockchain-based MMORPG rolls out $LAND-powered asset exchange platform for players

Outlanders is disrupting the blockchain gaming landscape with its immersive gaming environment and novel move-to-earn element which allows players to convert physical activity into in-game assets. Today, we are excited to announce the release of the latest addition to our ecosystem — The Outlanders Marketplace.

The Outlanders Marketplace is a user-friendly exchange platform designed to drive value creation and distribution in our ecosystem. It will provide a portal for players to buy and sell swords, bows, shields, gauntlets, and other weapons from defeating monsters or competing in PvP battle mode. At the same time, players receiving NFT drops for engaging in healthy physical activity can redeem them on the official marketplace.

We designed the Outlanders marketplace to be fully decentralized with players able to determine prices and list assets with full flexibility. The $LAND token will be the only accepted exchange currency and will potentially see more utility as we open up Outlanders to the public in the coming weeks.

The introduction of the Outlanders marketplace marks another critical step toward our mission of delivering the first mainstream-ready blockchain-based MMORPG. We look forward to the immense value distribution that the new marketplace enables and the chance to welcome more players to experience our exciting Outlanders world.