Outlanders Lines Up For Major Month in June

2 min readJun 7, 2022


Blockchain-based MMORPG unveils pre-listing strategy and gears up for a month of several milestones

Outlanders is the first blockchain-based MMORPG designed to serve gamers with all levels of crypto experience, as well as offering lucrative move-to-earn dynamics. Outlanders is delighted to share this community update as it gears up for a month of several major milestones.

This month, the Outlanders’ $LAND token will gain significant traction and reach newer gaming audiences through promotional activities with our launchpad partners. The $LAND token IDO is scheduled to take place on up to 15 different industry-leading launchpads including Paragen, PolkaBridge, Oxbull, AntPad, MetaLaunch and MoonStarter. This result-driven marketing and fundraising approach puts Outlanders on track to reach millions of new users and investors in the coming weeks.

Another key milestone lined up for July is the mainnet release of the Outlanders game. Per our pre-listing strategy, the Outlanders game will be publicly released within a week after $LAND is listed on a top-tier exchange platform. Following three years of intensive development and testing, Outlanders is ready to go live and help usher in a new wave of users to the play-to-earn industry. The Outlanders team eagerly anticipates this key milestone and looks forward to sharing it with our community.

Outlanders is disrupting the play-to-earn space through a seamless onboarding experience that meets the needs of players who have no crypto experience. Players can immediately immerse themselves in Outlanders to start accumulating rewards with the option to set up a Web3 wallet later. Our novel move-to-earn element also means that players are rewarded with in-game assets for engaging in outdoor physical activity.

Outlanders’ carefully planned pre-listing and go-to-market strategy will accelerate traction for the game, bring massive investor attention, and highlight our impressive development progress over the past three years. We remain highly committed to building and releasing one of the first mainstream-ready blockchain-based games.