Outlanders Opens Private Sale Access to Satoshi Gaming Club

2 min readJan 14, 2023

Blockchain-based MMORPG expands investor base to include prominent GameFi community

Outlanders, the first blockchain-based MMORPG that is accessible to both crypto and non-crypto native gamers, is pleased to announce an exclusive opportunity to invest in its thriving ecosystem. Outlanders is opening up access to its private token sale to Satoshi Gaming Club, an elite community of gamers and investors from the Nakamoto Games platform.

Outlanders is a cutting-edge open-world MMORPG built with the Unity gaming engine and powered by BNB Chain. Outlanders is the first blockchain-based action game with a focus on catering to all gaming audiences. Users can immediately earn in-game assets without connecting a Web3 wallet and enjoy lucrative earnings through Outlanders’ novel move-to-earn integration.

Outlanders is excited to offer private token sale access to Satoshi Gaming Club members as part of an ongoing push to build a committed community of GameFi lovers. Satoshi Gaming Club members are devout Nakamoto Games supporters and $NAKA token holders that have helped propel the gaming ecosystem to the apex of the GameFi industry.

Outlanders recognizes that Satoshi Gaming Club members align with our broader mission to become a Web3 gaming powerhouse. The community’s long-term investment approach will also support the growth of Outlanders’ $LAND token and bring more gamers to our platform.

The current $LAND private sale is an exclusive chance to contribute to Outlanders’ later-stage development. It allows participants to align themselves with the immense growth associated with Outlanders’ inevitable rise to prominence within the GameFi niche.

Outlanders relishes onboarding the Satoshi Gaming Club to our list of high-profile supporters. The stage is set for Outlanders to succeed. A rare opportunity to join early awaits investors participating in the latest $LAND offering.

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