Outlanders Partners with AntPad to Coordinate another Highly-Anticipated IDO

Fast-rising launchpad platform to host $LAND token sale

We are thrilled to announce that Outlanders will be coordinating an IDO on one of the most exciting launchpads in the blockchain space! AntPad will be one of the primary IDO infrastructures where the $LAND token will become available to the public.

Outlanders is one of the first blockchain-based massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) targeting all users irrespective of their blockchain and crypto experience. Outlanders ensures a seamless onboarding experience by removing the need to set up a Web3 wallet to get started. New players can immediately experience the Outlanders game and earn rewards, with the option to set up a wallet only when redeeming rewards.

AntPad is a comprehensive fundraising platform, combining protocols that allow projects to mint and issue tokens, secure funding, lock liquidity, and rollout staking and earning programs for investors. AntPad is one of the fastest-rising launchpad platforms on BNB Chain, and will enhance its position by hosting the Outlanders’ IDO.

The partnership with AntPad significantly increases exposure for Outlanders by introducing its gaming ecosystem to a large community of investors and potential players. Outlanders will release further details about the AntPad IDO in the coming weeks, continuing an exciting buildup to our mainnet release.



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