Outlanders Partners with Experienced VC Aurora and Welcomes Matt Haynes to Advisory Board

A partnership with Aurora and Haynes will help Outlanders accelerate and optimize its journey towards launching a disruptive product

Outlanders, one of the first blockchain-based MMORPG that is accessible to both crypto-native and non-crypto-native gamers, is thrilled to announce a partnership with boutique venture capital organization Aurora. Aurora will provide incubation assistance to Outlanders which will bring immense opportunities and vast potential to grow Outlanders’ MMORPGs blockchain platform.

Outlanders is breaking new ground with its vast MMORPG environment that allows gamers worldwide to immerse themselves in a play-to-earn environment regardless of blockchain-related experience. Gamers can earn immediately and connect their wallet at a later stage to tap into their crypto asset earnings.

Aurora is a deeply experienced venture capital company that has helped countless projects in the fields of gaming, DeFi, and DAOs. Aurora is deeply familiar with the process of launching a product and the team will help Outlanders accelerate and optimize this process.

Outlanders will also welcome Aurora founder Matt Haynes to the advisory board. Haynes has acted as a full-time founder and investor in the blockchain industry since 2017 and he has exemplary knowledge in the areas of marketing, go-to-market strategy, operations, and fundraising.

The assistance of both Aurora and Matt Haynes will help Outlanders optimize resources as it quickly moves towards launches. Outlanders is already creating ripples in the play-to-earn world with its groundbreaking mode. Aurora and Matt Haynes will help augment this even further.



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