Outlanders Perfects True Digital Asset Ownership

2 min readJan 25, 2023

The team’s research has paid off with a fantastic economic model

Outlanders is an immersive MMORPG poised to take the GameFi world by storm. With its top-tier graphics, pioneering move-to-earn rewards, and accessibility for traditional gamers, Outlanders is gearing up to be one of the biggest Web3 games in 2023. Along with all the trailblazing features, Outlanders will embody the core tenants of play-to-earn through the effective incorporation of true digital asset ownership.

Play-to-earn is a relatively new use case for blockchain technology that allows gamers distinct financial advantages over conventional gaming. In traditional games, players earn all sorts of digital assets that are immensely valuable. However, despite months and sometimes years of hard graft, the assets the players obtain are ultimately owned by the centralized gaming company.

Play-to-earn solves this by offering true ownership of digital assets through the incorporation of NFTs and crypto tokens. Unlike traditional in-game currencies and items, these rewards have measurable value outside the gaming ecosystem. For example, game items in the form of NFTs or cryptocurrencies can be traded on marketplaces and outside crypto exchanges for other crypto or fiat currencies.

The Outlanders team has spent countless hours assembling the correct economic structure to allow true digital asset ownership to flourish. First of all, supply is limited for important in-game assets such as rare weapons, skins, and armor. Players can acquire these materials by exploring the terrain and battling enemies or by savvy trading in the marketplace.

Restricting supply helps protect the value of user assets. This is a stark contrast to Web2 games, where developers can produce endless resources and flood the market with new assets whenever they wish, leading to a swift decline in asset value in many cases.

A limited supply should also boost the price of in-game assets as the game grows, benefitting the players. As players evolve their characters and build their inventory, they can sell valuable in-game items they no longer need to other players on the marketplace. Because supply is limited, demand will grow as the player base grows, spiking the price of key in-game items, which could result in big profits for players.

Outlanders is merging the great gameplay of Web2 with the benefits of Web3, putting digital asset ownership into the hands of billions of gamers worldwide. It rewards gamers for hours of graft through a well-structured digital economic model, learning from the mistakes of past GameFi projects. With enhanced gameplay and tokenomics, Outlanders will debut as part of the next generation of blockchain games — a generation that will make gaming sustainable and profitable for the players.




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