Raving Beta Tester Feedback and Even More Improvements Made

2 min readApr 18


Interfaces, game mechanics, and tutorials ready to smoothly onboard non-crypto natives

Outlanders is an expansive Web3 MMORPG adventure game packed with exploration, character evolution, and lucrative rewards. We have created an epic journey through a vast virtual world filled with a smooth onboarding experience for all gamers.

In the past six months, the team selected dozens of players from both the Web3 and traditional gaming communities to beta test Outlanders. We had overwhelmingly positive feedback and some suggestions for improvement.

Beta tester feedback from these sessions was instrumental in building user-friendly features for those with little to no blockchain experience. Here is a sample of our improvements based on suggestions.

Web3 games often have complex interfaces that are difficult to navigate for traditional gamers. So we have created a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls and clear instructions, eliminating the jargon used by people in the know. We will thoroughly explain all necessary terms through in-game information icons and prompts.

Perhaps, most importantly, players unfamiliar with blockchain gaming can select a Web3 tutorial from the main menu. Traditional gamers may be hesitant to try new games if they feel like they won’t be able to keep up with the more experienced players. Our tutorials on digital assets, using the marketplace, acquiring crypto, and maximizing rewards will help you feel more confident and prepared to play.

Finally, we’re making it easier than ever for players to access our native token, $LAND. Players can purchase $LAND with local fiat currencies, eliminating steps to acquire tokens. Also, the team is considering creating a wallet for each new player. This way, gamers can skip the hassle of establishing a Web3 presence before playing Outlanders.

The timing of a token launch is critical, and launching in good market conditions can immensely benefit investors, developers, and players. According to crypto experts, the second quarter of 2023 is expected to be favorable for altcoins. As a result, we are preparing to launch our marketing campaign soon to generate excitement in anticipation of our token listing. For our token listing we’re closely consulting with exchanges and leading market makers to find the right timing.

Our team believes that Web3 gaming is for everyone. Not just tech-savvy gamers or crypto investors but the 3 billion people globally who love to immerse themselves in gaming. Our job is to make Web3 gaming fun, accessible, and profitable for all, regardless of blockchain experience.

Outlanders Sprint Objectives


- Implement content for Survival Mode and MMORPG Mode.

Game Design

- Design characters and weapons.

Game Dev

- Implement the Survival Mode.

- Implement Web2 gamer guide.


- Twitter Marketing

- Discord Marketing