Team Kickstarts Development on Bringing Web3 MMORPG to Mobile

2 min readApr 26, 2023

Access all the fun and great rewards of Outlanders at the tip of your fingers

Outlanders is an expansive Web3 MMORPG that grants gamers all the adventure of a AAA open-world game coupled with the lucrative rewards of the blockchain and crypto industry. Our immersive world exists at the intersection of cutting-edge technologies.

This week, we are going where no Web3 gaming MMORPG has gone before. The team has begun work on taking Outlanders to mobile, granting users access to our virtual world wherever they are in the real one. Players will have all the fun and perks of Outlanders in the palm of their hand.

Sync your web-based account with your Android or iOS to access your character and earn rewards anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you are waiting for a bus, at the airport, or lying in bed relaxing at night, Outlanders will be accessible anytime, anyplace.

Right now, our mobile version is in the early stage of development. The team is evaluating our web-based game, reviewing the game design, and identifying any elements that may not work on mobile, such as small text, complex user interfaces, or mouse-based interactions.

With mobile games, it is essential to simplify the game interface for mobile users by removing unnecessary elements and adapting the remaining elements for touch-based inputs. Additionally, mobile devices have limited processing power, so optimizing the game’s performance for mobile devices is essential. This will be achieved by reducing the game’s file size, optimizing graphics, and minimizing the use of heavy programming scripts.

Outlanders Mobile has been a plan of ours since the project’s inception. Creating an MMORPG, where users can acquire valuable digital assets at the tip of their fingers, is a huge part of why we started Outlanders in the first place. Check back regularly for updates as we pursue the next critical milestone for the Outlanders ecosystem.

Outlanders Sprint Objectives


- Login / Register page.

Game Design

- Design assets for Outlanders mobile.

Game Dev

- Refactor Survival Mode.

- Implement the MMORPG mobile version.




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